Tomorrow is our final day on this platform!

Good morning DP Community.

I wanted to thank you all for your patience throughout this experiment. I know it has come with headaches and rewards for all of us. Barring a full on government takeover of the internet, this will be our last move.

Locals has proven to be really simple to use, which keeps me more focused on the important stuff. Trying to run a website, podcast, video editing, forum moderation, merch development, and all of the Social Media feeds was challenging to say the least. I now have more time to focus on my family and paying the bills.

That being said, your support is so appreciated. There are still some costs to cover regarding subscriptions for our podcast and such. I still hope to one day do this for a living, but have a feeling it will end up being a volunteer labor of love to create awareness. Fingers crossed though.

I am still passionate about getting good info out to you all and will remain that way, even if you only get to hear my voice once a week. That is why most of the content will remain free. I would however like to propose a more focused monthly meeting for paying subscribers, led by one of you each month, discussing important topics. I feel that it will give you more opportunity to voice your opinion and argue your side of things.

I look forward to the future and don't forget to sign up on and yes even post on Locals.

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