Our new and more secure site is live! Get ready to move.

Updated: Jan 22

I am amazed at our current growth. It is enough to move to a more secure platform where we will have more control over security and who sees what info.

Our new site address is: https://www.groundtruthinfo.com/

Pros to moving:

  • Ability to create more ways to access information

  • More collaboration opportunities

  • Ability to handle payment activity internally

  • All in one repositories for podcasts and other content

  • Free 7 day trials (14 days for you as you transition)

  • No one will kick us off for telling the truth!

Cons to moving:

  • You will have to sign up again (by January 29, 2021) and provide payment information.

  • We may lose some of our current members (hopefully not, this community and all of you are super important).

The plan is to give you all a time period to sign up with our new platform. The platform is live now and can accept payments. As soon as you sign up, you will be refunded for the current month. You will also have a 14 day free trial with the new platform.


You are signing up under what's called the Legacy Founder payment plan (look for the plan under Pricing on the site or app, you may have to scroll down). This is only for current members. It is still 3 dollars a month for you (compared to the founding member plan at 20.00).

As soon as you sign up, we will refund your current months payment on Patreon and close out your account.

The App we will use is called Wix. It is attached to the site. Although it is rudimentary right now it will be customized over the next few months. Download Wix for Android here and in the App Store here. Use the invite code NDFXNQ.

If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments below.

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