DP Challenge #1 Identifying Media Bias

Updated: Jan 22

I challenge you! The most important concept we must adjust to is the fact that we all have bias. Especially now days. Bias is not necessarily a bad thing, but only if we can identify our bias. When we are blinded by it, then we might be in trouble when it comes to decision making or worse, used by others to push an agenda.

Challenge rules:

There are two articles below regarding the US election. One is being reported on by more left leaning sources and the other by right leaning sources (the reporting percentage is determined by a third party to be fair and there may be center leaning sources involved).

I challenge you to determine what percentage of right and/or left leaning sources are reporting on each article. There is an example answer under the articles for clarification. The total percentage of of right and/or left sources does not have to equal 100%. There may be some neutral or center coverage included.

One guess per person and the challenge closes on 12/18/2020.



1: Top Michigan Republicans shut down prospect of overturning result for Trump as Electoral College meets.

2: Congressman Leaving GOP Over Trump's 'Narcissistic' Attempts to Overturn Election.

Example Answer (leave in comments): 1. Right - 56% Left - 42% 2. Right - 34% Left 64%

Whoever gets closest on both articles, will win their choice of the following (more merch coming soon for future challenges):

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