Disney tells female MMA champ to shut it!

Updated: Feb 18

If you have not yet had the joy of watching the latest of the Star Wars series, or followed female MMA fighting in the early 2000's, than you might not know who Gina Carano is. Most movie buffs and Star Wars fans do know her and love her character Cara Dune in the hit series Mandalorian on Disney Plus.

Gina Carano is so much more than an actress. She is an accomplished athlete and trailblazer for womens sanctioned Muay Thai and MMA fighting. She has been featured in numerous magazines like ESPN The Magazine as well as Maxim. She was also ranked fifth, as one of the top ten most influential women in 2008 by Yahoo, alongside Angelina Jolie, Oprah, and Hillary Clinton.

It is apparent when you read through her bio that Gina is self made and quite independent, something that is in short supply in Hollywood. It seems that actors and actresses are either outspoken liberal activists or silent. It is very rare to see a conservative artist speak out and keep their A list status, let alone a free thinker, who does not fit into anyone's labeled bins. Gina is a free thinker. A realist. Someone who has risked life and limb to gain their success. Reading through her social media feeds, it is clear she does not fall under anyone's category or label.

As a talented and obviously intelligent woman, you would think that Gina would be a shoe in for numerous acting roles. Her success on Mandalorian is apparent with the hashtag #welovecaradune appearing regularly throughout the series. Her character, Cara Dune, has become a symbol of strong feminism, as a former rebellion soldier and a mercenary that has no problem taking on multitudes of men, women, and aliens alike. She does not discriminate and can figuratively and literally kick their asses on and off screen. Such a strong figure should be a welcomed role model for young women and men all over the world........right?

Not according to Disney. Gina is apparently in hot water with some of the Star Wars fans after her posts on Instagram and Twitter did not line up with the current trend of populism in US politics. Earlier in 2020 she added the phrase beep/bop/boop after her name in her profile. Apparently, it was supposed to be a joke because of her affiliation with Star Wars, droids, etc. It may also have been a dig at all the virtue signaling going on, with numerous hollywood personalities adding pronouns to their profiles. It was however blown way out of context and numerous SJ warriors came out of hiding in their moms basements, to make sure their voices were heard. Gina was polite and took down the phrase, but kept it up long enough to show her defiance.

She would also, ever so subtly (again showing her intelligence) post slight digs at cancel culture, and censorship. It was apparent to anyone following her that she did not agree with the populist liberal movement and was trying to walk that tightrope of individualism and acceptance in Hollywood. The writing was on the wall though. If you go against the SJ warriors, you will pay.

The most recent "abhorrent" behavior, according to Disney, came in the form of a historical comparison. Her post equated the treatment of the Jewish people before WW2 to what is happening here in the United States. She posted, 'Jews were beaten in the streets, not by Nazi soldiers but by their neighbors.... even by children. Because history is edited, most people today don't realize that to get to the point where Nazi soldiers could easily round up thousands of Jews, the government first made their own neighbors hate them simply for being Jews. How is that any different from hating someone for their political views?'

Enter Disney and the SJ warriors to answer her question and prove her point with their actions.

Did she misquote history? No. It is historically accurate that the Nazi party had to get local citizens to hate the Jews in order to carry out the final solution without too much resistance. Did she call out a specific party in her quote? No. She merely stated a factual comparison to what could happen, or what may be happening.

God forbid that women in Hollywood question anything, especially the government or the SJ warriors. That kind of behavior is "abhorrent" and cannot be tolerated. Maybe Disney could send her to their friends in the CCP's Xinjiang province (where Mulan was so graciously allowed to be filmed), where they correct unsanctioned political rhetoric through re-education, forced labor, rape, and imprisonment.

Gina is a free thinker, role model, and warrior. She did not say anything that can be definitively viewed as controversial or even hateful. Everything that has been quoted by Disney and the media that they own, can easily be contextualized in various ways, through the bias of the recipients. She is the victim of a witch hunt by those that do not wish to see an independent and strong woman succeed. Ask yourself when the last time you saw someone of her character on the A list in Hollywood.......... We can't think of one.

Welcome to 1984! Be careful what you post. Your perception does not matter.


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