Cancel Culture: Setting Limits or Going Too Far?

What Does Cancel Culture Mean?

Although there is no single definition of cancel culture, it is about groups of people applying pressure to punish a person or group for what is perceived as a wrong opinion. It happens in the workplace, on social media, and in the celebrity community. Professors are boycotted for attending pro-police rallies. Authors’ publishing contracts are terminated for their opinions on other matters. Sports teams are under threat of elimination from tournaments because of religious beliefs. Journalists and others are losing jobs for decades-old social media posts or repeating an offensive word in conversation to clarify what’s being said.

What is behind it? It seems we are in the age of offendedness and the age of tolerance and common sense are a distant memory. Applying pressure to reach a desired result is not a new concept. What is different is the new mob mentality mixed with an all-or-nothing judge-and-jury mentality. Loud voices of the offended attract the like-minded, strengthening the group bond and the volume. They are collectively emboldened and utilize the power and speed of social media to spread the message and add to the ranks. They apply pressure to someone with authority who, these days, usually caves to the pressure, firing the person, canceling the book, or, fill in the more

Thank you Maggie (our resident librarian) for submitting this excellent article.
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