Big Changes to Leftover Grounds and Decision Points!

Message from Pete: This community is extremely important. When I started, I had no experience in developing or maintaining such a community. Its been a few months and based on some research and of course, lessons learned, I am going to change a few things to ensure that this community survives and thrives in the future

  1. The first change, and one that might affect you all a bit, is that Leftover Grounds will no longer be a daily podcast. Instead of spending and hour and a half every day to put together a 10 minute segment, I will spend less time and focus on more relevant material for a weekly 30-45 minute podcast. LG will come out every week on Sunday, giving all of you the ability to listen whenever you like throughout the week. I will also be looking to integrate others into the podcast in order to make it a bit more entertaining.

  2. The second change will be around the platform and content. We will no longer host on Wix. Although it is a very nice platform, it is costly and I do not anticipate enough growth to justify that cost. Although I do not do this for money, it will end up costing me in the long run. Instead we will host it on Locals, which is a Social Media application that is free to use. There are options that allow for different levels of membership, just like Wix, but paying member are allowed to post to the feed, just like Facebook or Instagram. The content will mostly be free. There may be a few videos or interview that we charge for as well as some insider access, but only to cover the costs that cannot be avoided.

  3. We will discontinue the DP Daily, but continue to link the sources of the news we discuss and of course, call out the relevant stories and post them in the feed.

  4. The Telegram feeds will still be for paying members only. If you decide not to continue to pay for membership, you will likely be removed from those feeds.

  5. We will only have one tier, at 3.00 per month for simplification. All memberships to Wix will be cancelled starting in May and those that are in the middle of the month will receive refunds.

By doing things this way, our cost and time spent will not exceed out growth and we can scale the community. I hope you all understand these changes and it does not diminish your interest in getting good information from experts rather than the dishonest news sources out there. This will free me up to do more relevant work I believe as well as maintain a work/work/life balance. Please feel free to leave comments below or reach out to ma on Telegram.

New Community Link on Locals:

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